Thursday, May 10, 2012

Evaluation: How effective is the combination of your ancillary texts and your main product?

My ancillary texts are a radio trailer, film poster and a song. My radio trailer is made up of a poem, I believe that a poem was a good choice as the film is about love and poems can be related to love. I wrote the poem myself using inspirations from my film and other films that I have watched both Tamil and English. My radio trailer in my view is an effective ancillary text as it challenges the normal conventions of a radio trailer by not having any actual sounds or clips from the film. I t creates an emotional bond with the audience and slowly works through the film from start to finish. I used some slow mellow music in the radio trailer which adds to the emotional effects of the poem and also helps to set the mood of the film.

My song is called 'Asai Pennai' which directly translates to 'lover girl'. The song is written in tamil, I wrote the song myself and sang it myself. I think that this has worked quite well overall as an ancillary text as people who have listened to it have given me good feedback. Even though the song is not in english many people who dot understand the song are somehow able to gain an understanding of the meaning by the way I have sang the song using different expressions in my voice during different parts. I put a large ammount of effort into creating this song, but I believe that it has been worth it as it helps to increase the awareness of the film and also is quite an easy song to listen to.

The film poster is my final ancillary text for my film poster is a picture that I took whilst I was filming. I decided to do this because i thought that it would ensure that the feelings and expressions would come through as the actors are in character. I decided not to have a picture which included the villain as it doesn't give away too much of the story, it keeps the audience on edge about what may be the 'Forbidden Love'.

I believe that all of my ancillary texts work hand in hand with my film each contributing in their own individualistic ways to my film. The radio trailer is able to gain the interest of a wide variety of different possible audience members from the radio medium. The song again will have a similar effect the radio trailer in the way that it draws in different radio listeners but it can also draw in other people in the way that it can be shared around the internet over social networking sites could be downloaded to phones and other devices that means people will have it accessible and can show other people it. The film poster follows the conventions of film posters in they way its laid out, i think that it drags a lot of attention toward the film as it doesn't give much away. The poster could be posted anywhere maybe on a billboard, in a cinema or local leisure center so the probability of it being seen by my target audience.

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