Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Throughout the the creation and editing of my short film "Forbidon Love" - I have vastly inputted a huge deal of time into the marketing side of things, and I have tried to develop a marketing strategy which will successfully target and influence my target market. I believe that marketing side is remarkably important to the process of creating a film, as it generates much needed awareness of the project and as seen in the modern day, it is one of the main ways in which the film industry can generate a monetary return on their filming ventures due such great competition being present within the industry. One of the main ways in which i marketed my film, was through creating a Facebook page in which viewers could interact with me and give their views and opinions of what they perceived from the movie. This allowed me to achieve not only an increased public awareness but also allowed me to gain constructive criticism about the movie. I choose Facebook, as it is one of the most popular and well established social networking websites in the present day. It is also very popular within my target market meaning that I can directly get through to them through this method of advertising.

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