Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What is the Short Film Industry?

There are various different reasons that people make short films these may include: experience, a show reel, partnerships, testing out an idea and money. What do i mean by these? It may be that you want to experiment in

To widen my knowledge I went to the ECU the european independent Film Festival which was held in Paris. Here i was able to see various different short films that were being made and also introduced me to a platform which could enable me to distribute my own short film in the future to a wide demographic of audiences. I watch a range of short, feature and animation films, there were also some music videos. These were by both established and amateur directors.

A short film that is a film that is too short to be considered a feature film, 40 minutes running time including all credits. Long films were very rare up untill the 1920's the films before this time were only about 5-10 minutes. Short comedies were popular in those times with actors such as Charlie Chaplin.
The short film industry has advanced greatly from the days of charlie chaplin. Now with modern technologies it is  a lot easier for any budding amateur film maker to make a short film. They can enter their films into the short film awards for free. And win prizes for various categories such as best film etc.

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