Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Smashed is a thrilling and moving drama about four friends on a night out drinking. As the night descends their love lives unravel, they find themselves in grave danger and try to claw their way back to the surface.

Despite being funded by Avon and Somerset Police, the script was written independently. The producer's inventive approach to sourcing funding led to a partnership with the police that was surprisingly unrestricted and creatively free.

While filming, a major concern was that the actors avoided over-the-top drunkenness, but we were so cautious we ended up having to do reshoots because no one looked like a drop had passed their lips.
After worrying about over the top drunkenness we had to do reshoots because no one looked like a drop had passed their lips.

Kayleigh Lawrence
Joshua Jenkin
Natasha White
Domonic Rowntree

Writer/Director.....Peter Snelling
Producer.....Kate Saunders
Director of Photography.....James Price
Production Designer.....Nagea Rose
Music.....James Price
Editor.....Rachel Tunnard

Produced for Somerset Film and Avon and Somerset Police

I was asked to analyse the technical codes of the short film 'smashed' I believe in hindsight that this has helped me greatly as I was able to use the techniques that I found in the all the films and trailers that i analysed in order to enhance the success of my own film. By analysing a wide variety of different genres i was able to gain a knowledge  of the conventions that were associated with the genres and why these were used.

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